A successful ministry??

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A successful ministry??

Post by mstjcutler on Sun May 02, 2010 8:04 pm

I had a dream about me having a baby. I have had alot of these dreams. But none of them were like this one. usually i have the baby but never get to see the baby or when i do see it the baby is already like 6 months. Well in this dream i had the baby all by myself. No doctors or anyone around. I did speak to someone on the phone from a hospital that coached me along. From start to finish, meaning being pregnant to having the baby i remember. i pushed the baby out. And i got to hold my baby and everything. I am not sure but i think this has to do with me taking a step out on faith. That is what i'm about to do. And i believe that it will be a success. Concerning ministry.

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