marriage restoration dream!

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marriage restoration dream!

Post by ilparo005 on Sun May 02, 2010 7:50 pm

Ok everybody I have been praying for my marriage to be restored and
since then I went on a fast and my daughter had a dream that my husband knocked on the door
while we were praying, and apologize to me and in the dream I told my
husband that it was alright. He even apologized to the children and
walked over the house. My daughter told me that in the dream it was
sunny and the sun was shining bright in the house. Now, I had the same
dream she had on that same night. Then last night I had a dream that my
husband came by and picked me and the children up and held my hands
tightly and we were in the car together holding hands.....We went before
a divorce judge and she gave me my divorce papers back in my hands and
me and my husband walked out together...

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