Black bear wading in milk

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Black bear wading in milk

Post by griffordm on Sun May 02, 2010 8:56 am

Hi all. I'm a first timer who has alot of visions in my twilight sleep...that period of time when I'm not fully awake but either falling asleep or starting to come into consiousness. So I'm starting to document and learn how to investigate these visions. I've also started to ask God for his help and intent.

Anyhow, one that I've been pondering is a vision of a black bear, wading back and forth in knee-deep milk. In the vision, I was watching it from a slightly elevated position and was not afraid of it, there was actually a feeling of awe and wonder. The bear was not intimidating at all, he was wading around as if it was relaxing like you might lazily wade through puddles of water. The bear was moving back and forth, away from me, then back towards me, then away from me, then....

Any thoughts?

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