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New Member with puzzling dream!

Post by eliautsumsmom on Sat May 01, 2010 8:00 am

I dreamed I was trying to have a birthday party for a little boy that I didnt really know. It wasnt going so well and then the next scene I was with some people and I was going through all their clothes looking for drugs. Something about they were going to get searched so I was helping them look for it before the search could happen. I was outside and it was night time and I was sitting on the ground with a pile of clothes in front of me. I was going through pockets and everything and had found something but I threw it back into the house.I didn't want to get accused. I couldnt figure out why I was helping them anyway. I looked up in the sky and to my right far up in the sky i saw a spaceship. I saw it but then I turned my back on it and pretended that I did not see it because it had frightened me a little. Then my husband comes into the dream asking me why I was helping look for the drugs because he had some coke in his truck and needed to make sure that it was good stuff before he took it to his boss who was the one who bought it. This is all strange to me as I know that my husband has never done anything like that before in his life. I wake up and find it ridiculous because our family is not like this! I remember wanting to go towards the spaceship but was to scared.

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