Travel and Flies.

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Travel and Flies.

Post by SCGirlyGrl on Fri Apr 30, 2010 3:06 pm

Last night I dreamed I had to travel to a foreign country. I don't know where exactly, but I was with a female who in my dream, was my friend, but I do not know this person in real life. I dreamed she was looking for something that she had to give this man. We walked down a really green pathway, green trees growing up on the side, big trees, and lush green grass under our feet. We get to this place, and there is this awful stench, I mean horrid smell. We were looking for something equivelent of butt funk (excuse me please, but that's basically what it was) We walked into a room with small glass beakers like used in chemistry everywhere. We asked this guy where this particular thing was, and he picked something up and gave it to us, and it smelled AWFUL!!!! and it looked like diluted chocolate milk. We took it across the hall to the guy and gave it to him. We left the building, and I noticed that there was a jail in the ground and there was a man in it, and there was an iron gate above the mans hand. He had his fingers stuck through the iron, and his hands were dirty and there were flies all over his hand. I remember walking along the pathway, and went to the side so I wouldn't step on his hand. Then I woke up.

Please anyone????

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