Trying to get the plane

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Trying to get the plane

Post by pooky on Fri Apr 30, 2010 2:25 am

Ok, last night i had a dream, i was going away, i think it was Africa or America, it doesnt matter but i was packed and ready to go. I took both my kids to the airport with me, we que'd up and waited to go through. My kids were tearful as we all realised that i was going to fly and they wouldnt be comming, i spoke to a member of staff and asked if she could make sure thay were ok and would check they got home safely.
As i passed through the passport control desk a man explained that i couldnt fly as the plane had left this area and was waiting to take off. I asked him if i could walk across the tarmac and get on that way so i didnt miss it, he agreed and we walked through a door, then i woke up.

A few weeks ago i had a similar dream that i was going to Spain with my son but we couldnt get out of England, then we had the ash cloud descend and ground the planes.

I went to meeting last night about joining a new church, i met the pastor and we talked about how the church functions. I didnt feel that he was Spirit filled or led, I have been thinking of trying another church but the youth group isnt good for my children......I need to feel at home in a church and also think of my children, i dont know where to go? I believe iam on the brink of walking into my calling but i dont know where to conect.... i keep waiting peacefully but......any guidance or advise?
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