Slit my throat

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Slit my throat

Post by Jehovahzapple on Thu Apr 29, 2010 5:56 pm

I dreamed that myself and two others were going to have surgery. The surgeon was kind and told me before hand that he was going to slit my throat and put a central line in instead of a regular IV. He was going to work on the problem. I remember asking the surgeon to give me pain strong pain medication so that I wouldn’t hurt when I woke up after the surgery. He acted like he wasn’t going to do that because I wouldn’t need it. I remember the surgeon and myself praying together. There was another scene to the dream that I was somewhere on a road in a ditch or something. Then I awoke after surgery. I did not hurt much at all. I remember looking at my belly and seeing that a lot of the fat was gone. Some of the scars were kinda gone and kinda not gone. I felt like they were gone, but when I actually looked at them, they were still there. I was happy and felt good. I awoke then and meditated on this. When I went back to sleep I remember dreaming the I was in this building and Dr. Hernandez was there. He called for me. He wanted to know why Susan from Dr. Barnum’s office had called and complained about a patient not getting something that he should have. I remember that she had already called once complaining about the problem and I had addressed the problem then and thought that I had fixed it. Then I woke up.

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