generational issues of our culture????

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generational issues of our culture????

Post by Jodi on Thu Apr 29, 2010 3:09 pm

The setting is confusing because it seems like a merging of two settings; a college dorm room and a hospital. The building resembled a college dorm, because the people who lived here were college-aged young adults. The room resembled a hospital room because there were two beds side by side with not much else in the room, there were elevators, and there was an elderly female nurse-like receptionist at a desk facing the elevators. But it was not a real hospital because the young people who lived there were healthy and the room was lived in by one female and one male. A hospital (and hopefully most colleges) does not room members of the opposite sex together, but this place did. The elderly receptionist was not a real nurse because she was sitting there not very busy. It didn’t seem temporary like a hospital stay either. It seemed like this was where these young people lived.

Strange, Unpleasant Dream:
I saw a dark-haired young woman (a teen or in her early twenties) being counseled to go to a hospital-like dorm room to prostitute herself. She did not want to do this, but everyone was telling her it was normal and pressuring her to do this. I even think her mom was in the crowd that was telling her to go.

I saw the dark-haired young woman go through a hallway to approach the door of the room where this was supposed to happen. She went reluctantly. She stood at the open door and peered into the room. There were two beds in the room and maybe bedside tables, but not much else in the small crowded room. The female who lived there with the male called the dark-haired young woman into the room to see something (possibly a baby?). When the dark-haired young woman got close enough, the female grabbed her arm and held her until the male got hold of her. She was raped, but thankfully the dream did not show this happening or make me listen to it.

I saw the dark-haired young woman leaving the room, dazed. Her shirt was torn open in the back. Her back was covered with acne. She was in distress, calling out repeatedly, “That was foul!” as she walked hastily away from the room. As she walked down the corridor, I went over to her and put my arm around her to console her and to guide her to the elevator so we could leave. We walked past the white-haired female receptionist who observed the girl with kindly interest. We stood in the elevator facing the receptionist’s desk. Before the door closed, the elderly female said fondly, “Mine married me.” She seemed to hope that this would offer comfort and hope to the dark-haired young woman. The doors close. I hug the young woman to comfort her and listen to her. (I sensed that she was telling me what had happened to her, but in the dream I did not have to hear details of the rape.)

Here's what I noticed so far, but what is the message to us? This society was for generations calling evil “good” and calling good “evil” and seemed to have prostitution (gods other than God) as a rite of passage for young women. This dream seems to speak about the generational (young adults, mom, and grandma-aged receptionist) spiritual condition of our culture. There was the sense that most people thought prostitution (idolatry) was normal. The crowd thought she should go do this and even her mom said so. The sense was that it would be somehow wrong of her to refuse to do this. Prostitution as a rite of passage had been going on for generations and was such a common experience that the kindly, white-haired receptionist knew without being told what had happened and she spoke of her own experience fondly. She seemed pleased and proud that the man she had prostituted herself to in her youth had married her.

Even reluctant participation in society’s normal experiences was enough to make her unclean (acne on her back afterwards). She was being obedient to her culture rather than obedient to You. Her back was exposed and pimply or “unclean.” The dark-haired young woman was made unclean by her reluctant participation in her society’s rite of passage. She didn’t want to go to the door, but she did. She didn’t think she should go into the room, but she did. She didn’t agree to do this, but she didn’t disagree either. I don’t think she told him “no” even though everything inside her was saying “No!” She was being obedient to her culture rather than obedient to the Holy Spirit inside her saying “No!” The male might have taken this as her agreement to be with him. He didn’t think of it as rape. The female who enticed the dark-haired young woman into the room thought it was so normal that she thought she was helping. The male thought it was normal behavior too.

Please post with any new insight the Lord gives you about the meaning and message of this dream. Thanks.

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