Dream of mountain and at the foot sea

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Dream of mountain and at the foot sea

Post by Alice on Tue Apr 27, 2010 10:52 am


I had this dream last night and this has been in my mind ever since. Pls help me interpret as I know this dream has some message for me.
I see this mountain, it has greenary all around and next I see my self at the foot and there is the sea and small waves very gentle. Then i see the beach sand and see the grey residue and manure lying around here and there. I see myself walking along and my aunt and uncle who work in the mission field are there along with me. The sea water is very clear and the waves are very small..all of us walk towards the water till we reach below knee level of water and I see my aunt and uncle sit on the water so they are covered with water till thier waist. I see this rock or stone which is whitish sqaure shape in the water and go and sit on it, I am very happy with myself that i dont have to sit in the water with the others and get soaked till waist. the scenary in the dream is very pleasant,seeing the sea and far away island with the water clear.

Pls help me interpret. I dont undertand the half imertion of water and the stone in the water ....

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