When bears attack

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When bears attack

Post by MaddCB on Tue Apr 27, 2010 5:56 am

Two years ago I had a dream where I was being chased and attacked by a giant grizzly or brown bear at my place of work. I work at a grocery store and where I met my fiancee. Anyway this bear chased me all through the store and there were a couple of times where it tried to swipe at me with its claws. I also heard my fiancee called out and when I try for the exit I see him trying to get the doors open, but everytime I would run to the doors to get the bear cuts me off. So then it turns into hid and seek. I soon get the opporunity to escape! It follows me charging I trip and fall and the bear is about to take me out, then suddenly I hear gunshots. The Bear is dead and my fiancee is holding a shotgun. My fiancee rescued me from the attacking bear. I asked my fiancee where he get the shotgun he tells me some unknown man gave it to him and told him to use it. I thought there's that "stranger-unknown man" again helping us out in my dreams. The shot gun only had three bullets in it. All three where used. That bear aint getting back up. ^_^

I honestly believe the bear represents visious gossiping folks at my job. Gossip I can handle, because I've gotten to the point of not really caring what others say about me and my fiancee. The part of the dream where the bear actually attacks me with its claws is a bit jarring, because there have been times when I sign up for something at work(fundraiser, or some program) my name will be litertly scratched out to the point that person or persons tried to earase my name from the paper. So my where my name is has worned out place on the paper, because I wrote my name in ink.
I can't really leave the job right now, as much as I want too because too much is going on right now.
Right now the only gossiping attacks are going on right now, I have yet to get to the part of my fiancee showing up.

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