Flying Fast Going Through Walls and Being Chased

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Flying Fast Going Through Walls and Being Chased

Post by ispeaktheword on Mon Apr 26, 2010 12:00 pm

Hi Everyone,


I was being chased by this man. We both could fly very fast. We would fight and wrestle but I was not defeated. Sometimes I had trouble taking off. I would start off slow then pick up speed. This man chased me everywhere, in houses and buildings but I could go through walls like a superhero. There was a sense of fear because I wanted this man to stop chasing me and I felt I had no control to stop him.

I remember flying above the clouds and kind of just hovering there. I had a sense of peace. It seemed as though he couldn't come up there but I knew I couldn't stay there. I had to go back down and face the man. Any thoughts?

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