This dream keeps coming up....

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This dream keeps coming up....

Post by Perimeter on Mon Apr 26, 2010 10:35 am

A group of us were walking in the hallway of my church and we heard songs of praise as we approached the side entrance of the sanctuary and where the choir room sits to the side. The spirit of God fell on me to the point I was pushed back with a force and I starting physically praising and worshiping God the person next to me as well; both us praised with the sound and force of a commotion. Both of us were on the floor and the people with us were helping us to our feet…

I can’t say if we walked or if we were carried but we were now in the sanctuary…. I was on my knees, kneeling, and face down in the seat of the pew praying. There were two people on each side of me kneeling as well and I had my arms around them, over their shoulders. I remember that I was speaking but I can’t remember everything that was said. The words I remember clearly was “by the Blood of Jesus we are saved” and I pulled the two next to me in real close! As I said this, the windows of the sanctuary burst open and I saw legions of, what I now believe were angles. I put my face down and kept it down with my eyes closed. There were so many they filled the atmosphere. The room was so full you could feel the weight of many. I could hear the sound of wings flapping and movement. After some time had passed I was still kneeled down in the pew with the two pulled rea close to me. I opened my eyes and peeked up and just as I looked I saw feet walking across the top of our heads. Had I not looked I would have never known because there was not pressure from the feet you could not even feel the steps!

We were now in a place that was different. It was as if we had been gone for a long time. We were walking alone the side of a street of what seemed to be a normal little town but it was all new to us. There were houses with people living in them. The houses were just normal houses, not big mansions or poor shacks; just normal. The people look kind of odd; you could not tell what nationality they were. I had a baby on my hip; it looked to be about 3 or 4 years old. The baby had its legs around my waist, its arms around my neck and it was nursing. It struck me because the baby looked to be big to be nursing but it was and I was walking with it like it was suppose to be. I said to the person next to me maybe we should knock on the door to see if we could come in but we passed the first and I knocked on the next. The person answered at the second house and I asked if we could come in and she motioned for us to go to what looked like the next (3rd) house over or a house attached to hers…….

Second post..... This dream keeps coming up and I left out some of the small but key details on the first post.
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