Two dreams back to back.

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Two dreams back to back.

Post by steadygaze on Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:13 am

Hi and blessings to all it has been awhile since I have been on, I pray all is well with you beloved ones of God.

I had this dream with my friends in it who are like parents to me. I am to close to them to really determine what this dreams means and need confirmation on what I sense the Lord is saying. I had these dreams back to back this morning.

1st dream,

I was having a conversation with Jeff about what I believe the Lord is saying to me in what I am to do, or where I feel the Lord is directing me. Jeff gets upset with me and He says, so you think you know who you are in the Lord do you! It was as if He was angry with me and he stood up from the table we were sitting at and he says, So tell me then tell me where am I suppose to go, and what am I suppose to do? I was like why is he angry with me and asking me these questions out of spite. I sat there at the table shocked and dazed at his anger response.Then I woke up.

Then I went back to sleep and feel into the dream below.

2nd dream

I went to Marie and Jeff's house and I walked into the house like I normally do and Marie was cleaning the mirror in her and Jeff's Bathroom. I asked Marie what she was up to and she said," I am cleaning Jeff's side of the mirror, and I could see all this yucky stuff on his side of the mirror she was wiping off and she continued to say," she is cleaning it cause Jeff passed away." I was like what!!!!

Thanks for any insight you might have in the Lord.

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