A New LOOOONG Dream... not sure what to title it...

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A New LOOOONG Dream... not sure what to title it...

Post by amma71 on Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:11 pm

So I had this dream and just wanted some insight. It is a long one. I am sorry in advance. If you have any ideas that you really feel are God directed I would appreicate the insight.

I dreamt that i was watching a video of my engagment party ther white dress and the dancing-typical wedding video- cake, white dress, wedding even though I am -in my dream- telling myself that this is an engagment party.

I switch then to standing in front of a house and there is a rummage sale going on - there is somehow a connection though between the engagement party and rummage sale because the engagement party is the rummage sale. There are people walking around having drinks. People going to the rummage sale. I start to look at all the things that are for sale. Everything that is being sold are nick-nack figurines. There is a big front porch on the (two story- white) house with tables. There are two long tables in the yard and along the left side of the house there is a long table followed by two big tables. The middle table is on Asian style with a canopy over the table and an elephant decorate on the top fo the canopy. The table is circular. I didn't pay attention to what was on the table, but to the table itself. It somehow intrigued me in my dream. behind it was another table. I was standing from the perspective in my dream looking from the sidewalk. Then I turned right and noticed that in the sky the clouds where all intermingling and moving as if something was going to happen. My first thought was that Jesus might be coming. So I began to watch what the clouds were doing.

I had never dreamt in color. But the colors in the clouds were intertwining, but not blending. then everything turned white and the clouds all came together in a cirlce as if the sky was going to seperate and open up. I remember feeling fear around me, but personally... I was just waiting to see if it was going to open and Jesus was going to come through. Which he didn't. The people in my dream were talking about a storm coming. I just continued to watch until I relalized that I was the only one left standing there watching. Everyone in my mind- had possibly gone inside (That is what I thought - in my dream- when I noticed I was alone - I did not see anyone leave because I was to affixed on the sky and what was happening. There was no rain.)

Then I began to walk up the porch and look at the nick-nacks which were three giraffes. They were statues. One was black, which I hardly remember. The next one was metal and in a sitting position and the next one was a standing wood giraffe- kind of like you would see in an import store. I remember wanting that one in my dream.

I entered the house to find that I needed to go in the basement. I assumed everyone went in there. When I got into the basement I was in a French confectionary. I say that it was French because the man behind the counter looked French to me and spoke with a French accent. There were two other people in the "shop" Behind the glass counter filled with chocolates. There was a small room that was filled with Ferro Rocher ( I think I spelled that wrong ) candies on the upper shelf. The French man behind the counter was servicing a man that was standing in the room. He was slightly shorter than me and looked a little scruffy. I was watching the interaction between them. He wanted a piece of chocloate that was on this plate on the counter. These chocolates were piled up in a pretty fashion and had these elaborate colors (again color-pink, blue) Every chocolate had a different design and the man pointed out which one he wanted and the French man put it behind the counter on a larger tissue paper as to wrap it.

The scruffy man then wanted a Ferrero Rocher from the room. The French man seemed pleased by this and grabbed a ferrero rocher off of a shelf that was hanging on the wall.. NOT one that was in the room. It was a small shelf that had a lot of junk fodder... seemed more like a junk shelf where you put things that you dont want. The chocolate was already opened out of the wrapper and instead of putting it with his other stuff, he handed it to him directly off the counter. I noticed while the scruffy man was about to eat it... that it had already been eated off of and missing some of the chocolate coating. It is significant to know that I really like these chocolates and I like to bite the coating off first to get to the creamy middle with the hazelnut. Right when he was about to eat it, the French guy tells him to stop. The scruffy man hands it back and the frenchman says... " I Should like to wrap it for you." with a Think french accent. The scruff agrees and the frenchman takes the chocolate back. He then puts it on the counter and cuts it in a plus/cross pattern- which is odd to me because you don't cut chocolates like that. He then wraps it in a small tissue paper and hands it to the man.

Then I find myself in a hall. My boyfriend comes to me in my dream puts his arm around my waste in the hall and says let's go watch the engagement video. I say to him. Honey, I have already watched it. He gets mildly upset and said.. Awww, I wanted to watch it with you. I said, Honey dont worry... I will watch it again.

Then I wake up. The dream just felt so incredibly long when I woke up. Like it continued on forever.
Thanks in advance for any insight to this dream.

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