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Post by nubava on Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:34 pm

I was in my bedroom and I my mother and my father were on my bed (my father was lying on my side). There were staff on the floor including plastic bags. Among this staff I suddenly saw several mice but they seemed to be from paper. But suddenly these mice to become alive, a minute ago they were flat and paper and later they were alive. I saw couple of more in my bathroom but in my bathroom there was a bed and 2-3 of them hid behind the bed. They were neither ugly, nor agressive, it's weird but they were cute. However, I didn't like them and asked my father to help me but he wouldn't. So I put the plastic bags very carefully, I didn't want my hand to touch them and covered the mice with them, several layers. My father told me that the mice could scratch and tear the bags and come out. I took two more bags and put covered them and tied them tightly. I decided to throw them out from the window and again asked my father to help me but he woudln't. So I myself opened the window and threw the mice out. I think I got rid of 4 mice.
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