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Post by nubava on Fri Apr 23, 2010 6:55 pm

I was in an unknown place and I heard an unknown man speaking on the phone and saying something like "the sea has cracked" (it seemed he was told the same thing as if he repeated it). Then I saw several people they were unknown to me, the only familiar face was my mom and I noticed that my sister was hanging on my left hand, she was asleep. My mom told me to follow her and not to be afraid. We entered another room and I saw the room being filled with water quite quickly. I understood that it was the end, i.e. that we all were going to die, it seemed as if it was the end of the world had started. I said to myself not to be afraid, it was not going to be painful to die, just wait a little bit and then you'll be with God. But I was not fully convivnced that this was not supposed to end this way. I was already under water when suddenly my sister started going up to the surface and I was not able to hold her anymore and then I felt that my shoes were filled with sand and I thought that the sand was heavy and that the sand could hinder me to survive. Then I woke up.

What could this possibly mean? I have never had such dreams of dying and it was quite unpleasant dream. But I was calm in the dream, not in panic, I'd say indifferent.
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