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Stirring the pot

Post by dtegarden on Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:04 am

Would appreciate help. I had a dream a couple of months ago (Feb 27, 2010). I will not go into detail about what is going on in my life unless you request I do so.

In this dream, there were lots of big brown snakes. A
new road was built and the ditches weren't cleared of foliage and there
were snakes in the foliage. Then, I am stirring a bit pot of stew and
you can't see them, but I knew snakes were being cooked in that stew and
I didn't want to eat it. Ruth (daughter) was with me. Kathleen (sister whom in real life is viciously attacking me because of disagreement with my personal life) is in the dream
and she morphs into Belinda (Steve's (Steve is my estranged, soon to be ex-husband) new girlfriend). Tammy (messed up, controlling friend) and Steve
are in the dream, too. A big snake is thrashing someone, just beating
and bruising them up awful (I think it was Steve). The snakes can't
kill someone with their bite, they just hurt them with this thrashing
them all around. Steve appears absolutely dazed by the beating.

Then, yesterday, my daughter-in-law (married to Steve's son) tells me her dream. She did not know about mine. In her dream, we are in my kitchen and I have a great big kettle on the stove and in it curled into a circle with it's head raised is a great big tan snake with brown spots. Steve is in the kitchen with a blue snake, smaller, and says to my daughter-in-law when she asks, that it won't bite her. She takes the snake. But, it ends up wrapping around her middle and trying to suffocate her.

I believe I have understanding but welcome all interpretations. Thank you!

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