bumped the back of a truck

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bumped the back of a truck

Post by redeeminglove on Thu Apr 22, 2010 3:49 pm

i had a dream i was driving and was coming up to a stop sign. there was a red truck stopped at the sign (my car is also red if that means anything) and another vehicle was in front of the red truck. i began to come to a stop(i wasn't going more than 10-15 miles an hour) and i started to slow down and almost stopped but didn't quite stop and i barely bumped the back of the truck with my bumper, it wasn't a big jerk, it wasn't loud (i hit the back of a SUV about 4 years ago and know how frightening the noise makes) and there was no dent that i could see. he went through the stop sign but kept driving. i don't know if the driver didn't realize i hit it, or if he just didn't want to stop to deal with it. any ideas? i have a few but would like some other insight.

thank you
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