my pastor my future spouse??

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my pastor my future spouse?? Empty my pastor my future spouse??

Post by K.M on Wed Apr 21, 2010 3:21 am

I recently had a dream, in it I and a very close lady friend of mine were in our pastors office and we were all lying on the floor facing upwards, I being at the centre, am guessing we must have been enjoying ourselves coz we wre all smiles. then the pastor turns to me with an even bigger smile and lovingly places hs hand on my tummy, I then place my hand on top of his lovingly like a couple would do. my lady friend gets to see this then I wake up. I woke up feeling so happy and jovial and the reason why am so confused is I am already in a relationship. i think I should also mention th e fact that I have been asking God to reveal to me my future husband now. my pastor my future spouse?? 76537 my pastor my future spouse?? 527521

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