Aborted baby!

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Aborted baby!

Post by mzredmond72 on Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:42 am

Due to unfortunate events in 2006, I had to move back to MI from NYC. Now, I've received a call from a company who would like to meet with me next week. I scheduled the time but was apprehensive because of all that has happened to me since 2006 so I prayed about whether I should try to go. The dream went like this:

I was at home and my daughter answered the phone and said, "The lady that wants to help you move is waiting downstairs, talk to her." The woman then replied to me, "Can you buzz me in so I can come and talk to you and help you move?" I then responded, "I'm tired, and I don't feel like doing this right now." She and my daughter were very determined to get me to let this woman in.

A couple of acquaintances were also in the room and one inquired of who the woman was. Then the other friend answered and said, "She (referring to myself) wants to borrow money so she can have an abortion. I was very angry with her and replied, "That's no one's business, what's wrong with you?" I then left the house to board a bus. As I was boarding the bus I thought, "I'm not going to have an abortion because the baby's already dead."

Could I be moving in myself, being impatient in trying to make things happen and not waiting on the timing of God? Please help!!!

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