Recurring dream with wandering eye

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Recurring dream with wandering eye

Post by AKD on Tue Apr 20, 2010 6:18 am

About 2 weeks ago, I had a dream in which someone is holding out to me a baby. The person holding the baby has their arm's fully extended and is holding the baby under it's arm pits. I look at the baby and it right eye drifts up. I think, "I know what that is, DVD." (I am an eye doctor.) Then the eye drift out and moves around oddly. I think, "I don't know what that is."

This week I dream of a "baby" - maybe 18 months to 2 years old. She is sitting on someone's left shoulder. She has reddish-brown, curly hair. Her eye starts to move around crazily.

Last Friday, I am driving to work and I have a vision of my right eye moving around crazily. I begin praying asking God what this means. I KNOW that this is going to happen TODAY (Friday). I know in real life that if this happens there is a serious problem with my brain. I am asking God is this literal? Is this going to happen to me today? Are you saying that my eyes are not focused on you? Is there something going on with my brain?What are you saying? Nothing.

I am at work for about an hour. There is a trainer that has flown in to work with me and my staff. She is talking to the group and introducing herself. She then takes off her glasses and says, "Would you like to see my crazy eye?" Her eye does the same thing I saw in the dream. It is not something I have seen an eye do before. I immediately know she is what God was talking about that He would show me today. I am asking Him, "What does that mean? Why was she a baby in my dream?" The trainer has short, reddish-brown hair like the baby in second the dream. I leave the training to go see a patient. When I come back, the trainer announces that she is pregnant. Not sure if that relates to the baby???

I am fasting and praying, asking God to reveal to me what He is communicating. If anyone has prayful insight, it would be much appreciated.

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