The thing on the gate

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The thing on the gate

Post by judithraine on Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:50 am

Hi again! In this secong dream, I arrived home (to the house where I was then staying). There was a steep approach, stairs, from the road to the front gate. As I got to the gate, my dogs rushed up to welcome me as they always do. Then I saw, very clearly, a "thing" made of feathers (ibis) and other bits of herbs (I think) and odd things. Somehow I knew with absolute clarity that it was what here in South Africa is known as "tagati" - local witchdoctors will create "arrangements" or objects which contain "spells" which their clients then place at strategic places to affect the homes / people / animals that are the target.

I recall being angry, and stretched out a hand to remove it. At this my dogs went beserk. I thought they were trying to stop me, to protect me, then I realised that they were in fact trying to attack me. The fear was so real it actually woke me in a cold sweat.

Again, one of those that is as vivid as anything.

Thank you!

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