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Post by judithraine on Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:44 am

Hi there! I'm obviously new to this forum and have joined as I am seeking discernment on two significant dreams I have had which I believe have great relevance to my life at the present moment. I shall, if that's okay with you, post them separately, and would be most grateful for any insight offered...

In the first, I was back in the home I shared with my late husband. The house (in "real life") had a small study area off the main bedroom, which had a stable door in the left hand wall (looking outwards) and the front wall was all windows. In the dream, these windows were actually French doors, and it was night and I called my dogs in so I could lock up. As they came in, I noticed a strange dog with them - a large, ever so friendly Rotweiler who I didn't find threatening at all, but which I somehow knew didn't belong. I put the visitor out very firmly then locked the doors.

The stable door was open (the top half) and I went to close it, except it was now bright glorious sunshine outside, although inside was effectively "night". Through this door (as per the way it actually was) I could look out onto a grassed area that ran alongside the driveway, which sloped gently down to the gate. As I went to close the door, I saw three or four figures which I can only describe as mercenaries, all standing on the grassed area just outside the house. My reaction was fear, I can recall that very clearly, and my first instinct was to close and lock the door. But then I noticed that they weren't looking at me at all. In fact I might as well have not even been there. They stood looking down towards the gate. I then saw a person come to the gate and actually open it. I'm not at all sure who, as it wasn't anyone I recognised, except that I knew I wanted them to come in. They stood in the gate and looked up at the house, then saw the "mercenaries" and turned and left.

I recall extreme disappointment at this point, which was just before I woke.

this is the first dream of the two, and it's vividness, and the fact that I can recall every detail, makes me absolutely certain that it has great significance.

Thank you for your time, and for this site.


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