Lizards, Gecko's, Soap, & Holy Water Bottles

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Lizards, Gecko's, Soap, & Holy Water Bottles

Post by sword&scepter on Sun Apr 18, 2010 9:02 pm

I dreamt last night that I was walikng in a room with white carpet and then out ran a couple of little geckos out across the floor I had to go find them and when I did a larger one appeared and he was staring at me I killed the first two with my hands then I stared down the large one and killed it with my feet. As I walked to the other end of the room I saw what I thought was a 3 Ft. snake staring at me but with a closer look I could see it had legs & was somewhat part lizard so I made my way over towards him with a blue shoe that I really do own & I beat it to death.

After that another little one ran out so I pick it up & put it into a little white plastic bowl that turned into a plastic bottle,(Like the holy water bottles in some churches) I took it to the sink and ran water in it then soapy suds began to appear on top of it as it scammered to the top in order to breath, when there was just enough room for it's nose to get a bit of air I stuck a cork in it & sealed it's fate. Why did I not kill it in the manner that I did others is beyond me..

Can anyone discern this? Please?

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Re: Lizards, Gecko's, Soap, & Holy Water Bottles

Post by Josue Tortola on Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:57 pm

Hi Juan!!!
I am happy to read the way you react in your dream because you are not afraid....not scared....actually you demonstrate a great level of courage.
This is what I think:
You are walking on a white carpet....that has a are in high levels of are walking on the are walking in the are spiritually grounded.
The little animals represent demoniac attacks but they are not a trouble for you.
When the little ones failed they send the 3 feet snake but again you destroy it.
You destroy the little one differently because you are sending a message "Donīt mess with me" " I have the control"
With love!!! Josue Tortola.
P.S. I havenīt finished the accuracy test.

Josue Tortola
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