2 dogs, and me flying a kite.

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2 dogs, and me flying a kite.

Post by redeeminglove on Sun Apr 18, 2010 2:31 pm

I had a dream last night: I was walking with somebody, can't remember whom it was. I was walking down my aunt's old road and it was curvy. As we walked, we came to a chain linked fence at a house that was not mine or family's and there were 2 dogs on the inside of the fence. There was 1 dog, she was little that was nice and sweet and a little oblivious- her name was Megan but the pronunciation was a little different than normal pronunciation. The second dog was bigger than the first and a lot was mean and showed its teeth, but then all of a sudden it was nice and sweet and friendly. On it's collar, it said "97" and mentioned on the collar that it was 4 years old, and I believe that it meant it was 4 years old in 1997. I can't remember the name of the dog, but we walked back down the windy road with both dogs on leashes. People asked us about the dogs, but all I really said was that the 1 was named Megan.
The next thing I know, I am flying a kite. I can feel myself pulling on the string to keep it up. Then I look up at it and there is snow on the kite, which is in the air.

Any ideas?
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