Army Fatigue, Resturant/Strange Man, and Beyonce' Knowles???

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Army Fatigue, Resturant/Strange Man, and Beyonce' Knowles???

Post by notmyname on Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:59 am

Can you please assist me with interpretating this dream?

Scene 1

It seemed as if I was in this house, and I believe that my husband was in there as well. Along with soem other people. It seemed as if they were young adults (both male and female). We were in this house on the floor, dressed in army fatigue, closley positioned on the floor and pointing guns in various directions (set to shoot outside the windows) for something that we were suppose to be protecting ourselves and others in the house. As we were in there, I remember seeing lots of family photos around the living room (on stands, walls, etc.).

As I was pointing my gun towards a certain window (it was daytime outside), I needed to move position and before I moved, I yelled (like backdoor or back window, something like that), and when one of the us yelled that - someone else is suppose to point their gun in the direction that the first one called and acknowlegde that they got it. Well, when I yelled it, someone didn't do it right or not fast enough or something, because I had to say it again or something. That's when in the dream I looked around at everyone in the room and their positions, clothes, etc. and noticed what we were doing in that dream.

I also remember a little small part where I was sitting on the floor, in front of some tall dark brown lady and she was just talking up a storm, but it was cool though. It reminded me of a childhood next dooor neighborhood's house, and that she was the mother of some people that I knew (but in the natural - their mother didn't look like the lady that was in front of me). Anyway, I thought to myself that I was going to ask her how her kids were, but I didn't. She never stopped talking. She seemed happy to talk. I didn't feel any funny feeling about this woman. I also remember how I wanted to ask her if she had any gumbo, but I never got a chance to do that either. I was sitting in front of her, looking up, and sitting like a child in Indian style.

Scene 2

Now, I was with my husband, and it seemed like we were in a resturant. We were getting ready to leave, and I believe that everything was already paid for, but I went up to the food counter and asked for some more baked or grilled fish. It was a lady assisting me and she was also preparing it for me (maybe this place was like a Golden Coral or something where you can have all that you can eat, but since we were leaving my next question seemed a bit off guard or something). The question that I asked her, was "Can I just take this with me"?

Now, she was going to do it, (she never said anything in the dream - she was nice and very helpful), but then a man that worked there came out of like the kitchen part (dark brown, kind of broad shoulders, maybe about 6 feet or so) walked in at the same time I was asking my question (by the way, that fish looked really good and juicy too). The man looked at me and asked me to please come back there with him (now, I must have saw him earlier and I knew he saw me with my hubby, plus my hubby was standing not too far from me beind me). So, I followed him to an office and before he sat down, he asked me to write my number (contact) information down. In my mind, I am like didn't this fool just see me with my HUSBAND? Why would he try to talk to me and be that rude to bring me back here (without my husband) to get my contact information)? Now, he was sitting down and on a phone call. So, I politely took the pen and paper that he put before me, bent down and wrote Mr. and Mrs. (our last name) and put one of our old numbers down there.

Scene 3

I walked into a clothing store (it seemed more like a small boutique) and in there I noticed some really nice clothes, (nice high fashions and realistic to wear and affordable for me to buy too, even though one would naturally think that this boutique was very expensive. Also, I remember looking through the racks at some clothes. Some reminded me of some clothes that I already have, yet when I closely looked at them - they had a little slight twist of style to it - cute. All of these clothes were nice and that I would actually wear. I was very amazed by this store.

Well, all of a sudden, Beyonce' Knowles (a popular R&B/Pop singer) and small entourage came around the corner where I am, and I don't remember how Beyonce and I ended up talking, but in the conversation I was walking off and said for them to "Please pray for me"? I stressed it too, I think that I may have said it twice. It was kinda like when someone is walking away from a friend or someone and saying "Okay, see you later". or "I'll call you" or similiar to that manner. Anyway, then things change to me looking at the center of the room and seeing Beyonce' in one chair on the left (like when a person gets a pedicure, except the chairs were sunk down a bit in the floor - so I was looking downward) and a couple (maybe even 3) of her entourage were around her - one near her feet and the others on her side (facing my direction) and she was praying (I suppose for me???).

Anyway, I was only looking at this part as an observer though, and as I was looking at them, I also could see outside the door and windows and it was daylight with people walking around like normal activities - just passing along. Well, as I continued looking at them, I saw Beyonce's praying getting a bit bigger as if her body was moving and head turning side to side (like the prayer to God was moving on her or something)? And, the lady near her feet was moving along with her, but watching Beyonce closely like assisting her and feeling whatever Beyonce' was feeling? It's kind of like looking at someone who is supposedly feeling Holy Spirit. It was weird though, as I was observing it. I'm thinking in my head like, "Okay, I didn't know that she is in it like that"? I just watched, but not felt anything at all.

Well, then I some kind of way, I knew that she was on a tour or something and the way they were going place to place was on a ship. Also, even though I suppose she stopped what she was doing to pray for me, I felt weird to actually tell her something that I believed that I should tell her. These are the words that came to me "Don't Rush, Just Wait". I don't know how I knew this, but these words were regarding on how they had to go from place to place on a ship (like cruise like), and her people were rushing her (the ship) to leave, and a particular time was coming that instead of them trying to rush her to go (no matter what the circustances were), there was going to come a time where she would have the choice to go or wait a bit and she needed to WAIT!

Thank you in advance!

God's Blessings to You!

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Re: Army Fatigue, Resturant/Strange Man, and Beyonce' Knowles???

Post by Kitty - A Nerd For Jesus! on Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:35 am

did anything come to pass with this one?
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