REPOST - Green Fruit Tree Dream

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REPOST - Green Fruit Tree Dream

Post by karen on Sat Apr 17, 2010 6:00 am

Hey people,

Felt the unction to post this Green Fruit Tree dream. I had it end of January 2009. I kinda thought it was all over with and elements of it have already come to pass, but for some reason, God is telling me to post it? Been on at me since yesterday. So I had better be obedient.

Taken from my journal last year...

'My dream last week was of 4 apartments in Turkish Cyprus. I wanted the top apartment, but a Dutch man had it.

Clothes were hung on the others, their balconies. I wanted the top apartment, but he lived there.

As I turned around, I looked and saw a road. Like the Avenue (Victoria Road North) in Portsmouth. I saw a Green Tree. Not many leaves. It was a beautiful green. Laden with fruits of all different kinds.
Squashes and melons, pumpkin, hard shell and dark green stripes. I knew it was orange inside. (the flesh) The butternut squash was green on the outside, and green inside. Watermelon of dark green. I could see not only the outside of the fruits, but with X-ray vision, I could see their flesh on the inside and their states of unripeness.

It was sooo beautiful and full of all kinds of green fruit, the tree.

As I looked across at it. I was suddenly inside a room, looking out through a four paned window, out, at it. (the tree) I could also see/observe myself from behind. [hindsight? lol!]

Also the 'me' was someone else and she was wearing a skirt. She was me though. (hard to explain) I do not think the room I was in was furnished. There were floorboards, the rest of the house I felt was empty. I was only aware of this room. Sunlight streamed into it from outside, and the paint on the window panes was white. An old house.

I remember being there alone and thinking as I looked out, "Christians own that tree. I will ask them if I should buy this property?"

The dream ended. I felt such joy and peace. It was a good dream.'

Notes...from the here and now

The memory of the dream did not go away, it was a week before I wrote it down. Even today it is still vivid, and keeps being brought to my rememberance.

Portsmouth is my home town. Victoria Road North is full of Victorian houses. An avenue is a tree-lined road. Throughout the dream was the tree, the tree, the fruit, vivid textures and colours, and the feeling of love. I would say the dream was saturated with love, and at the beginning aching longing for the apartment.

Obviously biblically fruits of the Holy Spirit come to mind.

Coincidentally, tomorrow, Sunday, Turkish Cyprus (the North) take a vote on who their next leader should be. This will have major ramifications on talks to re-unify the island.

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