toothbrush and images

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toothbrush and images

Post by unfailing_love on Sat Apr 17, 2010 5:01 am

someone told me that if couldnt interpret a dream to open a compartment in my toothbrush and i will see a little object and then an image will come to my mind with the interpretation to the dream. when i did so an image of a blackberry came out. later on i was told that a girl i know irl was feeling insecure to be thin and pretty and i then saw her and opened the toothbrush and an image came to my head in sepia browny colours of a girl and i knew that the interpretation was that she felt insecure and wanted to be like the girls on tv. i asked her if she felt that way and she said she did so i started encouraging her saying that she was beautiful just the way she is and she didnt need to feel that way.
i think that maybe the toothbrush represents that i need to have wisdom to interpret dreams but i dont understand why i got a black berry image in my mind. a while ago in a different dream someone through blueberries at my window. does anyone know what berried could mean? and what do the different colours have to do with it?

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