3 part dream

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3 part dream

Post by daughteroftheking on Sat Apr 17, 2010 4:24 am

I had a dream last night, which I only remember specific parts of.
The first part of the dream, it was like I was in the movie "Armageddon" because there was this comet getting closer and closer to earth. Now I don't remember it being terrifying at all. I do somehow remember this big steep hill, a wooded path(it had nostalgia to it because it has vaguely been in dreams before) people were biking up and down this path(this path had a big hill but it went around and continued for miles it seemed.)

The second part of my dream I was moving to Hamilton. I got a phone call previous from someone about getting a job as a case worker(for financial/social assisstance) So I called this woman from the office in Hamilton asking if that would qualify me to get a position for that job there. For some reason, I had never actually worked in this posiiton but thought that just in being offered to come and work it(but them never actually following through on getting me to come in) was enough to qualify me for the job.

The third part of the dream was very vague but I remember somehting about my ex(Mike) finding out he had a brain tumour.

Thanks for the input in advance and for the prayers. God bless!


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