tsunami waves

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tsunami waves

Post by amber76 on Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:46 pm

1st night my son litterally woke me up from his 'bad'dream, and i was having one as well, his was, we were in his very small christian school's gym, I was on my computer and he said there was dogs and rats and the dogs were biting his legs...
I cant exactly remember the first part but had a sense the somthing bad and new the pastor/director of our IHOP in meadville pa
was in it, like we were in danger...the 2nd part was I was driving this car and there was many cars and trains all going everywhere and I was crying out to not crash and He did help me avoid a crash but either our car or another train? crashed down this wall as if all of this was indoors...and I said oh great, now its worse than before...and I was woken up...started praying alot I was disturbed and felt a tremendous fear in the room..which I hav'nt experienced in a long time so the next day I got some prayer and that night I dreamt again....this time I'm in this pretty big power boat driving there was people in it i think, and these huge tsunomi waves rise up thrashing boat around, like coming down on boat...and as th e waves would rise my boat would be pulled back and I rememvber purposfully waiting for the oportune time to turn power button which made it go fast to try and pull ahead to miss the crashing down of waves... other stuff happened? then I remember the boat being destroyed and cut up into little pieces and it was as if it were meat..and it was given to this toddler emily that is in my daycare class and she was eatin it, she loves to eat!not sure if 2nd part is connected to 1st part?

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