Gripping snakes' head

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Gripping snakes' head

Post by virtue3125 on Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:43 am

Good morning.

I dreamt last night that I was walking in an open field area. It was daylight outside and I think there was a woman walking with me. I don't remember ever looking directly at her in the dream, but I could feel her presence and apparently she and I were friends or something because I didn't feel any animosity towards her in the dream or when I woke up. She played an insignificant role in the dream; I just knew she was there at one point, if not throughout the whole dream.

I was gripping a snake by the head (as you are to hold them to make sure they don't bite you) and it was waving it's tail around as if it were trying to get loose. This snake was small to medium sized. While I was holding the snake, I felt a little bit of fear in regards to loosing my grip and it biting me. I let the snake down in the grass to eat some rodent or something. When the snake came back, I don't remember how I picked it back up to avoid it biting me, but I did. This time, the snake was bigger and had a rattlesnake tail. It took a minute to dawn on me, in the dream, that the rattlesnake's tail can't come in contact with anyone or else it would sting them; because this snake too was waging its tail around frantically like it was trying to get loose. There were a couple of bugs (i think they were black) flying around in the air and one of them stung me on the upper, left part of my back. It felt like what I would imagine a bee sting would feel like in real life (never been stung by a bee before, so I'm assuming). Then I woke up.

The snakes I was holding never got loose. But the 2nd larger one was a little more difficult to hold on to. I was focused on not loosing my grip on the snakes as opposed to where I was walking in the open field.

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