Running over baby lambs

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Running over baby lambs

Post by Jehovahzapple on Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:26 pm

4-1-10 - I dreamed I was going to Tyler road which was a dirt road and as I was going down a hill, there were little lambs all over the road, some small and some very small. As I was going, Ramona was in the car with me and some other children. I couldn’t stop the car when I saw them and ran over several of the larger ones. When we passed Ramona’s old house, she wanted to call her moma and get out. We turned around to go back . The next thing i remember was that I was meeting someone to eat. While I was in the restaurant, I noticed couples dancing. I was trying to get out of there to find my friends. I finally got out of the building. I remember at some point of the dream, beginning to get a baby out of the car.

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