Leaving my son

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Leaving my son

Post by Jehovahzapple on Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:26 pm

3-31-10 - I dreamed I went on this trip. I was staying in a house. I remember that this young guy caught my attention and everyone was like trying to set me up with him. Occasionally he would show some interest in me. When I got ready to go back home, he showed more interest. I remember someone and myself making up the bed before we left. As we were leaving, we had to stop for some gasoline. Dusty got out of the truck to put the gas in the car. When we pulled off, we realized that Dusty was left back down the road. Someone was stopping to try to pick him up. As we tried to turn the truck around real fast, we hit an embankment. We pulled out of that and turn around and went back to get Dusty.

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