In a Flea Market

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In a Flea Market

Post by Jehovahzapple on Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:22 pm

3-3-10 I dreamed that I was at a flea market. As I was walking, I saw a woman selling foldable round chairs. She was very friendly. She also had things for horses. She said come and let me show you something. As I began to walk with her toward the back of the market, some man met her and said something about how good the flea market was doing. We walked to the back and she showed me some horses that were in an arena for sale. Scene 2: I went and got Gary and we drove around the end of the flea market and were viewing the horses. I told him that I thought the paint was pretty. He got out and went and spoke with someone and brought a small brown baby horse back. I petted the horse but told him that this was not the horse I was talking about. Scene 3: I remember being with someone (a male) that had lost a family member (that was a girl) I remember feeling anger from this person. As I followed this person into the building. I remember thinking that this person was going to start some trouble in the building where they were having a memorial for the girl that was gone.

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