Talking with an elderly man

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Talking with an elderly man

Post by Jehovahzapple on Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:22 pm

2-23-10 at my house - Scene 1: I dreamed that I was playing a game with this elderly man. He kept wanting me to play the game but I was more interested in talking to his 2 sons about the Lord. One son knew about the Lord but had never read the bible. The other son was kinda rebellious and stood off in the background. Scene 2: I remember needing to go to the bathroom. Some woman showed me the way to a room with a stalled bathroom in it. The youngest son was in the room asleep. While I was using the bathroom, I remember trying to hurry so that he couldn't come into the unlocked stall while I was using it. He woke up and began to come toward the stall.

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