Building something

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Building something

Post by Jehovahzapple on Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:20 pm

2-20-10 - Scene 1: I dreamed I was in the process of building something. My dad and uncles were outside building something already. I left to go pick up my son. As we began to go back toward the house that I had left, some how my cousin that is only a couple of years old was in the drivers seat on the way back. She began to fall asleep and I made her move over to the other side while I held the steering wheel and got under the wheel. As we began to reach my son's grandmother's house, we were coming down this steep hill and I could see water across the road from her house rising. Scene 2: I remember having a snake in my hand that I twisted the head off of and threw down on the ground. As my son and his grandmother began to walk in the house, I warned her not to step on the snake. Scene 3: I came back out of the house ready to work on whatever it was that I was building to find that my dad and uncles had all the pieces cut and the holes were pre-drilled. For some reason I remember feeling kind of upset that they had done that. Then I woke up.

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