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Post by krista on Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:12 am

Had a dream where my mother was sitting in a room reading a magazine and it had big windows open, there were light curtains hung over the windows and they were billowing nicely in a pleasant breeze. I thought of what I think may be a bible verse about God's blessings being poured through a window. There is a bed in the room and I look at it and think about how pleasant it would be to curl up in the bed and feel the breeze coming in and how nice the light was in the room (kind of a spring afternoon white light). Next in the dream my mom is dead, she is still in chair and her head is layed completely back. I am for some reason not totally distraught but I act more like a doctor trying to check for somekind of abstruction that may be hindering her capability to breath I then decide that I dont know what to do and that she may be beyond help and is going to die so I tell her I love her.
Footnote: The room she was in was like one my parents had in previous house-it was back porch that my dad made into a room so my mom could have someplace to paint (she is an artist) there was also a bed in there that i would sleep in when I came to visit. In the dream the room she was in had also been a garage (because the shape was more square than elongated like a porch) or something and been altered into a sun/sitting room.

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