Help with Interpreting Dream

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Help with Interpreting Dream

Post by Kathryn on Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:07 pm

My husband, son and I are committed Christians who passionately love Jesus. I had a very strange dream that I would so appreciate help understanding. here it is:
My husband and I were going to buy a smaller house. The deal was NOT done yet - the transaction not final. My son and I went to look at the house one day. The owner let us in (a man) and we started to look around. It was an older brick house and kind of gloomy and brown. As we entered the kitchen, I noticed there were cabinets and wood built up all over the walls of the kitchen, covering the walls. It was very strange. There was not much room in this cluttered kitchen because of all the built-in furniture covering the walls. The owner pulled back some of the cabinets, which exposed a "urinal" and a bathroom sink behind it. I thought this was very weird and awful to be in a kitchen! These things were "hidden" behind the cabinets he had built up. Also, I ran my hand along the kitchen counter and noticed something, again very strange: the counters were decopaged with kidney beans. These kidney beans were stuck on the counters with the decopage material. (by the way, doctors have told me I should not eat kidney beans -food sensitivity that makes me sick). I thought this kitchen was not good for me and having a urinal in the kitchen was really weird and dirty. We left the house and I saw a new neighborhood, with a small, beautiful house that was gleaming in the sunshine. It had a glow around it and a bright light. On one of the sides of the house, there were beautiful green ivy growing. I told my husband that this new, small house was a better deal and I would prefer it to the older house with the urinal in the kitchen. He argued with me and argued with me - he was upset with me because he said that we needed to get the older house because we had already said we would. I told him that the deal had not gone through yet and we could still get out of it. That's where the dream ended. Thank you for any help you can give me! =) Many blessings to you!

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