Baby Tick removal

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Baby Tick removal

Post by Tolos2009 on Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:45 am

I had a dream at 4:00am that someone parted back my hair and took a tweezer and removed four baby ticks. I had no clue that they were even in my hair. In the dream, I realized in the dream that the person knew exactly where to remove them from. I asked to see them and in the dream, I was literally shocked - didnt understand how the person knew where to get them from and why they were there. the person than showed me blood and it was minimal.

On Sunday night, I dreamed that i was before a judge in a courtroom and I had paperwork in my hands and when I looked down at it - it said separation - divorce. I than woke up.

So I looked up the word tick and it means hidden: hidden unclean spirit; oblivious to one's true self (as in practicing self-justification and self righteousness); parasite; pest.

History: I have been separated for 3 three years and my husband and I have had much counseling from my Bishop and two other counselors My bishop counseled us and my husband became angry at what he said and sought other counseling from two individuals, one was a addictons counselor and the other a hypnotherapist. Yesterday, I filed for divorce from my husband.

I have been in a emotionally draining relationship with my husband for 12 years - separated for 3 years.

I really would like understanding for the dream and if it relates to this divorce. If anyone responds, can you send to my email: as I will be in meetings all day and will have no access to internet to check.

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