Had dream about a woman I was to meet (irl) the next day...

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Had dream about a woman I was to meet (irl) the next day...

Post by Dream223 on Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:23 am

Background: A woman that I don't know contacted a ministry that I know about looking for a prayer group/house church in her area. The woman was given my email and we talked over the phone and agreed to meet in person the following week. The night before we met, I had this dream...

In the dream, I am sitting in my car outside of the coffee shop where we agreed to meet (me and this woman). I looked through the window of the passenger's side and saw a tall woman with long black hair and long black coat approaching my car. I knew it was the lady I was to meet. Fear gripped me and I knew that she was soming to harm me (in my mind, I was wondering why I didn't run away or drive off to get away). As she walked slowly towards my car, immediately she appeared on the driver's side where I was and I pulled out my sword and stuck in down her throat.

Irl: I kept the appointment and she had on a full length wool black winter coat and she had on a long-straight hair wig...like in my dream. In person, I could not detect anything out of the ordinary otehr than her face...something was odd about her face.

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