Martial arts in my dream

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Martial arts in my dream

Post by Brianwa on Wed Apr 07, 2010 8:23 am

I'm new to this forum and rarely remember my dreams, but recently I had 3 dreams in one night that I remember clearly. I believe God has revealed to me their meaning; I'd like to hear from others to compare. Thank you!!

Dream 1: I was standing at the edge of a man-made pool filled with water. There was a white pig in the water looking right at me, completely submerged, but somehow able to breathe underwater. The next thing I knew, the pig was on land lying at my feet. I laid down too and began petting it like I would a dog or cat. The feeling was very calm and peaceful.

Dream 2: I was watching 2 Asian men engaged in a martial arts battle. Even though I wasn't involved, I sensed that I was the reason they were fighting. Somehow I knew which one was the 'good guy' and which one had evil motives. It looked like a very close battle and I was worried about that, but then I realized the good guy would win, and I wasn't scared anymore. At that point it stopped being a close contest, and the fight soon ended with the good guy knocking out the other man with just a single finger.

Dream 3: I was alone in the middle of the ocean, standing on the water (not in a boat). Right in front of me was a small island, mostly rocky. The sky was mostly sunny, with a few clouds in the distance. There was no life on the island; no plants, animals, or people. Some big waves kept crashing on the shore. I heard a voice behind me say "this is an ugly, desolate place." Without turning around I said "No, it's beautiful. I like it here." Then the scene changed; I was standing on the island now and it was covered with snow and ice, but there were trees and vegetation on it. Two people came walking up to me on a path; a man and woman who looked to be in their early 30s. We talked a little (can't remember what we said) and I saw a black & white police car drive by on the path the 2 people had just come from. I felt very much at rest and peaceful. The dream ended at that point.

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