Baby girl in trouble

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Baby girl in trouble

Post by paige on Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:13 am

I dreamt that I had just given birth to quadruplets (4 baby girls) by this younger guy. I was excited and took them home. I went out one day and took one of the girls with me. My sister told me that while I was out to stop by this auto body shop because she was there earlier and had forgotten her package there. I was at my cousin's house talking to her for a while when I realized that I had left the baby in the car. I dashed outside to the car hurriedly hoping that the baby didn't die. I picked her up off the back seat and as I was bringing her in my brother (deceased) and another male cousin (alive) came walking along to make sure the baby was ok. She was weak from being in the enclosed car and she had not eaten. I was thinking let me breast feed her because she's hungry and that will help her regain her strength but I didn't because my brother and cousin were still there watching me. I walked outside carrying my baby in my arms so that I wouldn't forget her, got into the car and drove off. As I was passing by some building I remembered my sister had asked me to stop and pick up the package she had forgetten. I quickly turned in the yard and went inside to enquire about the package. I thought I still had my baby in my arms because I didn't want to forget her but I'd forgotten the baby again! and left her in the car. I went in the car and look around for her, she was even weaker. I told myself to try make it home so I can feed her because she was looking weak and frail. As I was driving home, I picked her up and kept talking to her so she wouldn't got to sleep. I was afraid she would die. As I approached an intersection I started to pull over to breast feed her but before I did she started choking then vomitted some green stuff which also started to come out of one of her eyes. I was afraid but calm and kept nudging her so she would not go to sleep telling her mommy was right there with her. She opened her eyes a little each time I called her.

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