Found root garden/ raw veggies taste like vegetable stew

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Found root garden/ raw veggies taste like vegetable stew

Post by Jodi on Tue Apr 06, 2010 7:35 pm

I parked my car next to the school's sidewalk. My two oldest kids, P.J. and Jackie, ran around the corner on the sidewalk. Jackie dropped to her knees and began crawling and meowing, pretending to be a cat as she continued heading for the car. P.J. rounded the corner chasing Jackie, but slowed to a walk when he saw that she wasn’t running anymore. (They were about the age that Jackie became vegetarian.) A woman standing next to her own car, waiting for her own son, began complaining loudly, “They’re making my son look stupid!” I knew that she was thinking my kids’ behaviors reflected on her son. I knew she thought, “If they were educated by this school and they’re so ‘stupid,’ ....” She started harassing P.J. as he walked past her car towards mine. I started walking towards her and called out, “Hey, lady, don’t talk to my son that way.” “Why don’t you mind your own business?” “They are my business.”

Next Scene: P.J., Jackie and I are at a table near a big tree. P.J. notices a carrot growing next to the tree and excitedly picks it. He and I are fascinated that there would be a carrot growing wild and felt as though it were a treasure since it was so rare to just happen upon a wild carrot in the woods. When I went over to see the carrot he was picking, I noticed there was another carrot right behind the first one, so I picked it. We found a purplish red “root-a-ba-ga” and so we picked it too. Sure enough there was a second one nearby. After picking it, we saw three large white root vegetables (I’m not sure what kind these were.) Two were big, but the third was enormous. (I began to wake up, knew that this was a dream from God, and started thinking about the implications. We were stealing! I was not fully awake yet, so I began to take control of the dream to redirect it into more appropriate behavior. I began to wake up more and I knew that I was trying to redirect the dream into “doing the right thing” so that I wouldn’t teach my children to steal. I told myself to let Him direct the dream and to wait to analyze what it meant later because He might have more to say. I drifted back into sleep.)

Same scene, but without me interfering with the direction it was taking: After we had picked these vegetables, they were laying on the table. Jackie was sitting at the table. She had not picked any of the vegetables, or seemed excited that we had found them growing wild. I sensed her presence still with us, but she was not participating at all during the picking of the root vegetables. I could taste vegetable beef stew, even though I had not cooked any of the vegetables or even eaten any of them raw. It was as though it were prepared for us and effortless. It was very delicious. I remember being disappointed for minute that there wasn’t any onion to put in the stew since stew should have onion. (This is what called my attention to the fact that all the vegetables were roots.) But it tasted perfect. It had a rich, thick beefy taste, even though there was no meat to put into it either. I don’t know if P.J. was tasting this stew also. I sensed that Jackie was not eating it since she’d not been interested in the vegetables to begin with. (Strange since in real life she started being vegetarian about as young as she was in this dream!) (I started waking up again and realized I was directing the dream again, so I told myself to let God show me whatever He wanted to show me. He might not be done yet, so be quiet and let Him give the dream He means to give. I drifted back into sleep, but the scene had changed again.)

Next scene: Uncle Dave was at our house (no similarity to any of the houses we had in real life) and he took a shower. There was water all over the floor, even down the hallway. I came out of my room wearing socks without shoes. I could see the floor was damp and knew my socks would get wet, but figured I would just change my socks later. I entered the restroom. I don’t remember why I needed to go in there. I seemed to be at the mirror, but not really doing anything - not brushing hair or teeth - just standing in front of mirror but not paying attention to my reflection either. I noticed that the toilet had mess and toilet paper still in it. I wasn’t irritated that it had been left like this, but it needed to be flushed so I flushed it. But when I did, the toilet overflowed. I twisted the shut-off valve to stop the overflow. Now my socks were wet, but with toilet water instead of shower water. Yuck!

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