Does this double promise = the double rainbow I had asked for?

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Does this double promise = the double rainbow I had asked for?

Post by Jodi on Tue Apr 06, 2010 5:07 pm

For the following dream/vision, please pray and listen to see if God will confirm or clarify:
* Is the last dream related to my calling or is it about something else?
* In the two visions, God gave promises. Is this double promise like the natural double rainbow(God's covenant promises) I had asked for? Or, since there was no physical rainbow, is God saying that my call is neither teaching nor writing? Your help in listening would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

In real life, I had an unexpected interview with a local Christian school. I prayed to ask God whether I should teach full time or not since my husband has serious health issues. I asked God to speak to me in a dream or vision and confirm it with a sign and a Word. I prayed to ask God to specify with either a double or a single rainbow what my calling is to be. I told Him that if He showed me a double rainbow I would understand that to mean that I am called to both teach and write. If He showed me a single rainbow, I would take that to mean that I should focus on one thing and it should be writing. (Then I realized that the single rainbow could also mean the one thing should be teaching.) I asked Him to make it clear for me.

I slept that night, but awoke at about 4:22 AM the next morning because I was given 2 dreaming visions and Words within the dream were given to label the visions. Later that same morning around 6:30 or 7:00 AM, I was given a sign in nature, although it was neither of the signs I had requested. I am greatly encouraged by the meanings of the visions. I remain puzzled as to what my calling is. Here is what I was shown and told:

I saw something vaguely and sensed it was movement going up to heaven and back down. I drew it with arrows. I sensed it meant “immediate, easy access” and “available resources.” I saw dimly and then with a sharpened focus, back and forth a few times, like a lens being twisted to adjust the focus. I sensed that it meant “clarity” and “vision.”

About 6:30 or7:00 AM that same morning, I went outside for my morning time of communion with God. There was no rainbow; instead it was lightly foggy. I wondered if that meant neither writing nor teaching, or if God didn’t like me asking for a very specific sign. Then I noticed a mist of water evaporating off of my neighbors' lake across the road from where I was sitting. I was surprised to see evaporation happening since a common science lesson about water has us tell the kids that you can see water in its liquid and solid forms in nature as rain and as ice, but the closest we could come to seeing water in its gas form would be to watch steam rising from a pot of boiling water. I felt privileged to actually witness evaporation as it occurred in nature. The evaporation seems to show in nature the up and down motion I saw/ sensed in the dreaming vision given at 4:22 AM.

My own physical vision fluctuates between clear, focused sight and blurry vision. I am wondering if this is also a sign in nature about the promises given in the dreaming vision. I have been tested for the things that might cause blurry vision and I have none of those conditions. The doctor is not sure why my vision fluctuates.

Soon after, I was givien this dream: I was holding a little girl, telling her I loved her and calling her "Jacquelyn." (This is the name of our only daughter in real life. Our Jacquelyn is an adult.) She was squirming around and wouldn't relax. This girl didn't look like my real daughter. She was a lean toddler and very fidgety. Someone (maybe my husband Paul, but couldn't see him) gave me adivce about the little girl. I responded, "I know how to raise Jacquelyn! After all, I've raised her before!" Then I realized that the girl was not Jaquelyn. She was a different daughter. Her name was "Emmie" for "Emmalie." I felt bad that I had not even recognized my own daughter and had been calling her by her sister's name. I wanted to make it up to her, so I told her I was sorry and that I knew who whe is now. She let me hug her briefly, but wanted loose to play.

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