Need a favor for a friend....a dream with lots of symbols

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Need a favor for a friend....a dream with lots of symbols

Post by jjp708 on Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:46 pm

This is a close friend of mine and she's looking for some help with this

Thanks in advance


A close friend and I were in what appeared 2 b some part of Mexico at a resort in the warm summer sun when this fine Latin man approached us & started talking 2 me as if we'd known one another 4ever. So we continued in conversation leaving my friend at the resort (at which I indicated 2 my friend that I'd be right back) and heading 4 his car. Once we got in the car the conversation grew even more intense regarding some business matter to which he needed my help. We talked & talked as the car traveled down into the village rich with Mexican culture. As we talked I recall looking deep n2 his face, and noticing every corner of his face- he was latino with beautiful thick dark curls. He was handsome&extremely intellectual &knowledgable but our relationship was more of an exchanged partnership than one of lovers. He didn't LOOK like my ex boyfriend but there was a part of him that was undeniably my ex. Thus I accepted the idea of him somehow being my ex.

So we traveled & approached these 2 men throwing dice. (Now here's where it gets weird) so the men had with them this tiny brown donkey which they would take turns abusing everytime their roll landed n their favor. My ex & I watched as one of the men joyous took a roll & began punching this poor donkey repeatedly in the face. I turned my head n horror, explaining that I could no longer watch such cruelty. So I jumped out the car & headed back 2 the resort running onfoot, but on the way back I saw some men in an alley abusing the carcus of a dead chicken. I was mortified & once I reached my girlfriend back at the resort I buried my face in my hands & began 2 tell her about the horrors, to which she was equally mortified. Then I said 2 her, "You know that was my ex, right?". And she casually replied, "Oh, I know. I kinda figured that."
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