Reoccuring Child Molestation

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Reoccuring Child Molestation

Post by VISIONS1012 on Mon Apr 05, 2010 12:29 pm

Hello Everyone,

This weekend I dreamed, I was in my mom's friend house. I walked in a dark room and on the bed was her ex-husband molesting their daughter and she was there preforming the act also. I then looked over and saw my daughter next to them and the ex husband began molesting my daughter. My dream then switched ot be being at my mothers house and we were sitting on the couch, her friend then called and I tried to quickly tell her what I saw befor she picked up the phone I was so nervous and kept stumbling over my words. Again my dream switched to my workplace and her ex husband now turned into my ex boyfriend I then began throwing heavy objects at him, and asking him questions about what he did to my daughter, I did not care that my co workers were around and heard, I thought to my self this is how my mother must have felt when she found about me, I also said to myself how could this happen I pray everyday that my daughter would not be molested, did I pray for the wrong thing? I then saw my daughter sitting next to me, I then said to myself I ask her all the time and she always says no, why did she not tell me? I was vey hurt, I looked over to my daughter and aksed her did anyone touch you, and she told me yes, I asked her where and she said my private part. I angrly asked her dad why did he do this, I also aked him how long and how often has he done this to my baby. He told he had done thi since he had been ten years old, and he molested my dughter a couple times a year, I was shocked and thought about what she was going through when I left her with him, again I thought this is how my mother must have felt, I deserve this. Again the scene in my dream changed, I was now in my apartment laying in the bed with my children one in each arm. tHe furniture in the room was akward and out of place, there was two amroires by the bed. I looked over an dher dad was laying in a bed across from us, I was disgusted and clinched them tightly and turned my body to shield them from his view. Finally the scene shifted one last time to a house with bright red and green colors (sort of like latin festive colors) I walked in through the kitchen, then a wide hallway,and then a room. y ex was also was in the room I saw a broom on the table, I picked it up and began hitting him with the broom until I killed him. I said to myself it was an accident I didnt mean to kill him. I put the broom back on the table the head of the broom was bent up, I looked at the broom, then him, and back at the broom. I wanted to leave I hesistated, and looked at the broom; I then quickly wiped my handprints off the broom. I looked at the broom one more time and wiped my prints off the the broom again to make sure my prints were gone. I then began talking to God, I asked Him why did this happen to me? I just prayed on this, did I do something wrong? I began sobbing and again thinking this is what my mother must have felt like. I then thanked God for reaveling this to me. I thanked Him for not letting this go on to long, I also thank Him for wisdom and discernment, and asked Him for a discerning spirit.

Iam not sure what this means, I am a little afraid, please help...

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Re: Reoccuring Child Molestation

Post by True Flight on Mon Apr 05, 2010 2:53 pm

Dont be afraid

I dont want to answer this dream because I'm not yet qulified.

I will tell you its not what you think it is.
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