I Was Shot in the Stomach

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I Was Shot in the Stomach

Post by ispeaktheword on Mon Apr 05, 2010 8:53 am

Hello Everyone,


I was in an unfamiliar house with my Pastor and his wife (we call her First Lady) and a guy named Eddie (name means wealth protector). We were upstairs with children. We heard the alarm go off signifying that someone had come in. We waited a few minutes to see if the alarm would siren so that the police could come. Who ever came in new the code and turned the alarm off.

We ran downstairs and saw 3 or 4 men. They were looking around for stuff to steal. I knew one of the guys. I said I'm not going to say a word (meaning to the police) but why are you doing this? I asked please don't do this. He went in another room with the other men. First Lady was sitting in a chair. She seemed worried but said that went well. I was about to sit down and sat on Eddie. I'm like Eddie move! First Lady and I chuckled..

Now I'm sitting on a couch with Eddie and the kids. Pastor and First lady are sitting on another couch. The men never went upstairs. The Leader came in the room we were in and threw a big box at Pastor and said what is this? Pastor calmly explained it was a game and how it worked. The leader was sooo mad and said the game was stupid. He went back to the other guys. We started talking about the guy I knew. I said his name is Nicolas (name means victory of the people). Eddie was like its Nicolat with a T depending on how you know him.

The Leader came back in the room. I guess they were finished. I heard the Lord say in my head, "you will not die". I said ok Lord I trust you. The Leader pulled out a big black gun and shot me in the stomach area. I did not feel anything but I saw blood splatter. He told the kids they could live. He pointed the gun at Pastor and First Lady. Not sure if they were shot or not. Not sure about Eddie either.

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