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Post by nicky on Mon Apr 05, 2010 6:02 am

HI all
When we were finishing off last year - their were many questions as to what God was preparing us for and why he had ended all we were busy with - only to find out that our family had to move far away from where we were staying - because GOD said GO - no wonder he ended everything off - which brings me to a dream that my brother had when we were asking GOD questions.

HE dreamt me and my baby had to go to a clinic - at this clinic were many children - it was built on a church and had a theme park on the top of it. It was in a terrible neighbourhood. When family wanted to come visit me - they were told I was IN WARD 3 - room 27. Then an old friend called my brother in the dream -this friend is worldy and from the past - and asked him where I was - because they had heard about me and needed to come and see.

I beleive its got to do with the ministry GOD is preparing. If God gives you any revelation, kindly share with me - I am trurning 27 next month and that may be where the 27 comes in.
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