Bathtub, Whikte clothing and ..

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Bathtub, Whikte clothing and ..

Post by Lisha_1990 on Mon Apr 05, 2010 5:42 am

Ok. So I prayed before I went to bed last night. I dream three things last night. I remember the first dream correctly. The second and third.. I don't exactly the stint of them..

First dream: This man in white was I guess coming from downstairs I think he was coming to fix my bathtub or whatever. But I noticed the mood I was in. I was incredibly upset with him over something . Then I was explaining to him about the tub. It was white and everything was clean spotless really. nothing dark the sun was shining and everything. I showed him this sprayer that was in the tub. I don't know exactly what I said but then clear water came out of it and the man in White sprayed me with it I tried to run away from him, but I did a little but I let the water hit me, even though I was trying to cover my face . We both were laughing , and I couldn't help but not be mad with him at all actually. It was fun and Hilarious . The water felt sooo good. I'm still cheezing now. Then I woke up laughing .

Second: Cant remember...

Third: It was this girl I saw which I thought was my sister. And people were surrounding this female. (IRL I can't stand people that bully others) But they were hitting her and I was in the midst of it and I was trying to get over to her and help her but then It was broken up. I woke up after wards. It was during the daylight I saw this. And it look like my old High school. Other than that I woke up.

Any thoughts? They are welcomed...
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