Tornadoes everywhere

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Tornadoes everywhere

Post by Dorothy on Sun Apr 04, 2010 6:38 pm

Hello, I will write as much as I remember. I was in a large Double wide mobile home in the country in around allot of hills and valleys. There were many children and adults in the house not sure who they all were. And I was there myself. The curtains were all open in the livingrm. and I was standing there looking out the window and saw many dark tornadoes, and dark clouds in the sky and down on the ground between the hills and valleys. I was telling the kids to go and get in the bathtub in the bathrm. since this would be a safe place for them.
The next thing I knew we were on the frwy. like in Fort Worth,TX or heading that way in the house on the back of an 18 wheeler trailer. The top of the roof had come off of the house and some men were trying to hold the insulation on for some reason. I was looking out the window again as traffic on the frwy. wasn't going anywhere and the tornadoes were still behind us and coming. As I was looking out the window and of course from the open roof you could see many helicopters, planes and something that looked like a large ship of some kind. Of course you could tell we weren't gonna out run them. And about that time someone said so. The End.....

I also had like a vision a few years ago like 8 or so when we Lived in Granbury, TX. I saw a big mushroom cloud over the frwy. like between Dallas/ Fort Worth. Appeared to have been a large nuclear bomb attact.

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